Violations Analysis Inventory (VAI)

This test is designed for use with defendants convicted of moving violations and who are participating in defensive driving courses, or are completing traffic violator, or driver safety programs. The VAI is designed for quick assessment of attitudes and behavior that influence one's driving. The VAI helps defendants explore their attitudes and assess their driving-related behavior in a positive (as opposed to critical) manner.

Five Violations Analysis Inventory Scales: The VAI has 114 items and takes 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

1. Truthfulness Scale: Measures how truthful the client was while completing the test. This scale identifies self-protective, guarded and defensive people who minimize or even conceal information.

2. Attitude Scale: Identifies negative outlooks characterized by resistance, entitlement, oppositional disposition and un-cooperativeness. Positive attitude change is a prerequisite to behavior change. This scale identifies positive or negative features of one's attitude.

3. Driver Risk Scale: Measures the defendant's driver risk independent of substance abuse. Some people are simply irresponsible or aggressive drivers. This scale identifies driver risk.

4. Stress Coping Scale: This scale measures how well the applicant copes with stress, tension and job pressure. Stress exacerbates defendant problems and contributes to mental health and adjustment problems.

5. Self-Esteem Scale: This scale reflects a person's explicit valuing and appraisal of self. It incorporates an attitude of acceptance-approval versus rejection-disapproval. The Self-Esteem Scale reflects how a person perceives themselves.

Two Ways To Administer Tests

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